Aprile 10, 2021

Dynamics 365 Marketing Campaign

Ways to Use Dynamics 365 for Marketing to Create Marketing Campaigns

Most dictionaries define marketing as the business/action of promoting and selling goods/services. Marketing encompasses market research and advertising. Your business can channel one of the most recent marketing software programs to succeed in marketing. Dynamics 365 for Marketing may be an option for your venture depending on your business needs.

Design Interactive Customer Journeys

Part of your efforts to attract more leads to your goods/services should include designing an interactive customer journey. Dynamics 365 for Marketing comes with a drag-and-drop journey designer for creating campaigns. You can set up the campaign to generate follow-up activities, send personalized emails and launch workflows. The program also allows you to track your campaigns and analyze their results.

Create Graphical Online Content and Emails

Graphical online content and email messages may help support your marketing initiatives. The program features customizable templates for landing pages and emails. You can use them to amplify the messages spread across digital platforms. The program also features intuitive drag-and-drop tools for simplifying content creation.

Share Information Across Your Teams

Your marketing teams can securely share information about contacts and leads securely through Dynamics 365 for Marketing. You will get to understand how each interaction affects your marketing results. The program also allows you to connect your sales and marketing processes, track the progress of each lead and automate follow-ups.

Target and Connect with Relevant LinkedIn Audiences

The program allows marketers to connect with the right audiences using LinkedIn’s lead tools. With this advantage, you can tap into the business prospects that exist on LinkedIn. You also get a chance to interact with professionals on the social networking site.

Understand Your Marketing Leads Better

Every marketer needs a tool that can help deeply understand their market with a clear view of every customer and lead. Dynamics 365 for marketing offers a 360-degree view into customers and leads for marketers to understand their leads better. You can use it to ensure your sales and marketing teams have the most recent data. The data may include recent activities, past purchases, open opportunities, and key contacts.

Track the Performance of Your Company’s Marketing Initiatives

The dashboard and reports help track the performance of marketing initiatives adopted by your business. They also help identify the best marketing activities and lead sources. Use them to merge your sales and marketing results to track and increase their impacts.

Organize and Publicize Your Events

The program may suit a company in need of a tool for keeping all the details about an event in one place. Your event information may include details about the logistics, venues, ticketing, speakers, sessions, and sponsors. You can also use the program to create an online event website for attendees to register and review the event information.

Apps Included in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft included several solutions and apps as add-ons or bundles on Dynamics 365 for Marketing. You can rely on them to support your marketing department and coordinate with your sales. They include the following apps:

Event Management

The event management app allows you to organize and promote a webinar or in-person events. While using it, you can create an online portal for attendees to review the schedule and register. Dynamics 365 for Marketing is the only Microsoft product that comes with this feature.

Core Marketing

The core marketing app on the program offers behavior tracking, email marketing, and customer journeys. They also offer marketing pages and lead scoring. These features help amplify your sales and marketing efforts.

Connector for LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms

You can use this app to import marketing leads generated by LinkedIn’s Lead Gen tools into your Dynamics 365 document. The connector app comes together with the Marketing app. You can also find it separately in the form of an add-on and use it with other Dynamics 365 products.

Other apps included in Dynamics 365 for Marketing include Voice of the Customer and Dynamics 365 portals. Voice of the Customer helps create online surveys and examine their results. On the other hand, Dynamics 365 Portals helps publish online surveys, marketing pages, and events.


Dynamics 365 for Marketing is Microsoft’s marketing-automation app targeting small to large businesses. You can use the app to turn various prospects into meaningful business relationships. The application works fine with Dynamics 365 for Sales and is easy to use. It also comes with built-in features for business intelligence.

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