Aprile 10, 2021

Dynamics 365 October 2019 Release

What You Need to Know About Dynamics 365 October 2019 Release

The anticipated Dynamics 365 release seeks to bring innovations for businesses of various sizes. With the new program, you get capabilities and tools for transforming your business. The enhanced versions of Dynamics 365 will feature new capabilities across various apps.

Functions to Expect in the 2019 Release

The Dynamics 365 product line features a combination of tools for both customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning. You can expect the upcoming release to come with functions such as sales insights, customer service insights and customer insights. Other functions may include fraud protection, market insights, and virtual agent for customer service as discussed below:

Customer Service Insights

With this function, you can gather actionable performance metrics from your data. Customer Service Insights offers an actionable view of critical operational data. You can use it to view emerging trends based on industry-leading AI.

Sales Insights

Sales Insights is a Dynamic 365 function used for empowering sales teams. You can use it to give your sales professionals more foresight into their work. Your goal here is to enhance productivity while anticipating better outcomes in your sales lifecycle.

Customer Insights

Organizations looking to unify their customer data can use this function to their advantage. Customer Insights can help your business unify and interpret customer data. You can use it to harness data for intelligent actions and insights.

Virtual Agent for Customer Service

You can create AI-powered bots for your company’s customer service department using this function. The AI-powered bots may help you communicate with your existing and potential customers. They also bring new opportunities for your business to channel digital transformation when improving customer service.

Fraud Protection

Your CRM and ERP programs need fraud protection tools to prevent data breaches. The fraud protection function on Dynamic 365 helps mitigate fraud losses. You may use it to increase your bank acceptance rates, which are crucial when you want to generate higher revenue. Fraud protection also helps improve your customers’ online shopping experiences.

Market Insights

Market Insights allows you to look out for what consumers say about your business. The function enables you to gather actionable insights on customer satisfaction. Using this data, it is easier to know the general feelings and perspectives of consumers towards your business.

The 2019 Release Offering Mixed Reality Capabilities

Microsoft seeks to introduce a whole new set of memorable experiences for employee productivity using the Dynamics 365 product line. The 2019 version of the program uses mixed reality to bring more user experiences. Tools such as Remote Assist, Product Visualize, Layout, and Guides help enhance the mixed reality benefits.

Remote Assist targets technicians looking for a fast way to solve problems. Layout offers a new means to conceptualize and complete ideas with speed and confidence. Your sales team can use Product Visualize when conveying the true potential of your products to customers. Product Visualize harnesses the power of AR (augmented reality) on mobile devices.

Your employees can use Guides to learn more about the flow of work. Guides serve as a mixed-reality app used with Microsoft HoloLens. The tool provides holographic instructions when and where your employees need them.

Key Improvements on the October Release of Dynamics 365

Microsoft usually demonstrates its commitment to customer feedback by unleashing new improvements to its productivity apps. The company seeks to introduce various improvements in the October 2019 version of Dynamics 365. The new improvements may include:

Automatically Enabled Admin, Analysts or Makers Features

Features such as Admin, analysts, and makers come automatically enabled in the October 2019 release. Only administrators, business analysts, and makers have the authority to use them. They allow different stakeholders in your business to contribute to a particular segment of your activities.

Changes to the User Experiences for End Users

The October 2019 release may come with improved user experience features for end-users. Microsoft will release the product with these features automatically enabled. You can activate/deactivate them at your convenience.

End-User Features for Admins, Analysts or Makers to Configure

You will need admins, analysts or makers to configure the end-user features of the October 2019 release. The anticipated product promises to grant key business players the authority to choose the features of the products end-users can see. Such an initiative gives you more control over deciding the people in your company with permission to access certain data.

Summing Up

The October 2019 release will be suitable for use in customer service, sales, marketing, field service, and retail. You may also use it in realms such as field service, retail, talent, finance and operations, and project service automation. The 2019 release will enhance AI capabilities need for your company to speed up its business activities.

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