Giugno 19, 2021

AI capabilities in Dynamics 365

Artificial intelligence is one of the technology sectors experiencing exponential growth. Spearheading the campaign is Microsoft. They discovered that business applications leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) deliver multi-year growth. The mega corporation has therefore spent billions in making their products as intuitive as possible. It is, thus, one of the leading companies in the world to leverage AI to gain better insights into the world of business. The company has done extensive research and gained a lot of insight by working with some of the biggest brands in business such as Macy’s and Hewlett Packard. Using these results Microsoft unveiled three AI-powered applications that are crucial in monitoring key aspects in modern business. These are;

  • Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service Insights
  • Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights
  • Dynamics 365 AI for Sales
  1. Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service Insights

First on the list is an AI powered app for companies that have a customer service team. Typically, it can be a retailer for online goods, technical support for tech services or generally where customers can reach out to the organization about various products, asking for help with a certain item or simply queries about a good or service. Management needs to have a set of key performance indicators to assess how well the department is doing, where there is a problem if any and how to tackle the issue to ensure the clients get the best possible experience. As such, Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Customer Service Insights can connect to provide a highly summarized overview of what is happening in a dashboard-like style.

Customer Service Insights is a product of two powerful technologies; Power BI and Natural Language Processing. Power BI handles report generation on the front end while Natural Language Processing is responsible for data analysis from the source. As such, the combination provides insights into which sectors are performing poorly for management to come up with solutions to tackle the issues.

2. Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights

AI for Market Insights is a technology designed to aid businesses perform analyses of how a brand is performing on search engines and social media. Today, many if not all people go to the internet first when they want to know something or find a product. This tool can be invaluable to a business’ sales and marketing team because it can show how well a product is performing on social media platforms and search engines. If certain products are not performing well, the team can strategize on how best to tackle the issue and provide a lasting solution. The tool can also be an asset for business development managers. Using the results from various searches, a company can identify an undeveloped market which they can take advantage and corner the market.

On this application, you can connect to any social media account such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter among others, and explore any area you deem necessary. The technology at play here is a combination of machine learning and natural language processing which can analyze text, extrapolate keywords and deploy an algorithm to look into the performance of said keywords on various platforms.

3. Dynamics 365 AI for Sales

The third tool in this arsenal is Dynamics 365 AI for Sales. This tool was created with two target groups in mind; the sales agent and the sales manager. The seller can use the application to evaluate the overall communication with clients, asses the health score of the relationship, and get quantitative lead analysis to enable identifying where there is work to be done and which opportunities are ripe for the picking. The tool is useful to the sales manager since it can provide information on how the team is performing, how the business is doing in terms of sales and how satisfied the clients are with the service they got.

Summing up

As previously stated, AI is one of the biggest avenues in technology today. The great thing about it is that the system gets smarter every day as it continues to learn from more data and regular updates from Microsoft. By embracing these AI powered tools, a business can leverage new markets, create dominance in existing ones and gain a lot of loyalty from satisfied customers. All of which will mean increased revenues for the company!

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