Aprile 10, 2021

Dynamics 365 Power Automate 2020 Release Wave 1

Microsoft’s Dynamic’s 365 Power Automate is a versatile automation platform that uses digital and robotic algorithms to automate repetitive tasks, hence saving time and growing business productivity. Adding Power Automate to business operations streamlines daily activities and reduces exertions made on mundane tasks. This energy and time can then be channeled to completing other business activities. According to information from Microsoft, there will be three major improvement areas in the 2020 release wave 1. These are facilitating more accessible automation building across connectors in Power Automate, enabling of UI automation for both mobile and websites and enhancement of world-class business capabilities.

More intelligent capabilities for makers

The release wave 1 will equip citizen developers with more productive and astute capabilities when integrating Power Automate. In relation to simplifying common expressions, the release wave 1 will add 5 new text expression actions, significantly reducing the complexity of configurations and manipulations.

There will also be new additions to facilitate smooth discovery, learning, and creation of flows. In this line, features will include in-product help and assisted learning, the natural exploration of experiences, and enhanced developing whether one is creating flows from scratch or using available templates. Just by a few clicks, the universal search will help makers discover everything that Power Automate can do for them, be it looking for help or even looking for a flow for different environments.

Microsoft wants users to be able to leverage pertinent products to provide top-notch services to their customers. As such, they will enable collaboration with Microsoft Teams to encourage timely adoption of the same and to reduce the learning curve, among other benefits. In a recent communication, the company said that they are prioritizing embedding workflow scenarios to enhance collaboration and process assistance for everyone, even those who do not want to learn and master Power Automate exactly.

As if not enough, there will be something for Azure developers as well. These developers will be able to use a flows-creating template from the Azure portal on the power platform. There also will be a template to handle everyday business scenarios such as cost increase and decrease.

UI Automations for Applications and Websites

With the introduction of UI flows, businesses will be able to automate applications that lack APIs and that are only workable from the front end. In Power Automate, UI flows will facilitate work productivity by allowing the recording of operations such as mouse clicks, keyboard usage, and data entry to automate time consuming tasks. Such processes will be doable from a secure and centralized environment.

Microsoft is adding built-in automation support for standard windows applications to enable users to apply libraries for frequent scenarios, a move that will further fasten automation.

Later releases that are scheduled for June and September will include more exceptional enhancements such as solution and IME support for UI flows, Retry for desktop UI flows, and Secret Management.

World-Class Business Process Capabilities

Power Automate enables world-class capabilities for users. With the new improvements, users can achieve everyday scenarios with business processes while offline. Upon integration with power BI scenarios, Contextual automation will let users discover and effortlessly ease into workflow and automation services for relevant reports, dashboards, and datasets. All the users will have to do is choose a template before running the flow from their end.

When it comes to improving cohesiveness in Microsoft Teams, integrations with OneDrive and SharePoint shall be met to ensure consistency in the same, and Teams for business scenarios that deal with files. An example of such situations is embedded workflows like Request sign off, which are geared by ideas for workflows ingrained in Microsoft Teams.

With its versatility, Dynamics 365 Power Automate has saved companies a lot of precious time since its inception. Businesses leverage it to synchronize files, approve requests, get notifications, collect useful data, among other uses. The 2020 release wave 1 will see D365 Power Automate become even more sophisticated, with the addition of better and far-reaching features. There will be much easier automation building, leveraging of UI capabilities, and the betterment of world-class business choices. According to information released by Microsoft, each of these features will be made available incrementally in order to realize excellent value addition for businesses. 

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