Aprile 10, 2021

Dynamics 365 and Artificial Intelligence

Since the introduction of Artificial Intelligence to Dynamics 365 a few years ago, the functionalities of business applications have significantly transformed. Dynamics 365 AI allows businesses to acquire rich insights that help to solve various business problems by leveraging intelligence. AI apps deliver smart and concise data that bolsters the business decision-making process. In sales, for example, AI helps employees to plan their time, suggest answers to performance questions, and promote better coaching of teams. Other AI-enabled apps help users to get useful customer and market insights.

Dynamics 365 AI for Sales

AI for sales primarily helps to streamline the whole sales process in order to drive more significant revenue. These AI capabilities come ingrained in dynamics 365 Sales or can be achieved through a purpose-oriented sales insights app. With AI, sellers can tell what is working and what is not working through automatically analyzing customer emotion, feedback, and style of communication.

AI Sales enables a better coaching process

D365 AI also helps to streamline the coaching process such that sellers are able to perform faster while pinpointing and flagging dangerous risks. It provides actionable feedback to customers using inbuilt real-time coaching tools.

AI Sales help to make strategic decisions and find the best opportunities

D365 AI helps sellers to capture potential growth paths, a move that helps them stay ahead of competitors. In line with making strategies, AI helps to provide answers through a Q&A based on sales data. Further, the sellers can find the opportunities and leads that are likely to yield better conversions, thus prioritizing them.

Other benefits that AI brings to the table when it comes to sales include being able to optimize email interactions and boosted customer relationships with a health score based on data from other Microsoft products. Sellers are also able to innovate with a straightforward configuration tool that provides predictive and adaptable solutions.

Dynamic 365 Customer Service Insights

The D365 AI for customer insights provides smart insights about customer satisfaction that aid in decision making.

AI customer service Insights improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency

Businesspersons can understand customer satisfaction better by using AI insights. As such, they can resolve issues as soon as they are reported so that they do not affect other customers. When it comes to bolstering efficiency, AI provides case resolution insights and historical comparisons that aid at evaluating business impact and performance.

AI customer service insights help to gain a comprehensive visibility

AI provides critical and interactive charts and filters that help users to view customer behavior and patterns. It also provides dashboards that are fed with business intelligence and machine learning capabilities, all that will help to show how the product is doing as far as customer satisfaction goes.

Dynamics 365 Market insights

AI for market insights helps to capture market news and trends that relate to your business operations. With its capabilities, marketers can track relevant events, trends, and alarms that could transform into leads. All this is done on a scrollable and straightforward interface that allows expansion for full view.

AI market insights aids in selection of the essentials

Subject to your additions, Dynamics 365 AI goes ahead to create timely alerts and emails that give a summary of the trends you care about, including customers’ views, competitors, and products that are related to what you offer.

AI market insights reduces unnecessary alerts

With AI, entities can filter out irrelevant and objectionable content to only concentrate on what people are saying or searching about the products they deal with. This functionality reduces time wastage and bolsters ease of access because one gets company-specific insights.

AI market insights enable businesses to make decisions from trusted data

All data that companies receive on their AI-enabled system is fetched from authority and credible sources. The information undergoes a thorough check for bias, transparency, and reliability before being presented.

AI by Microsoft has touched every aspect of business, streamlining most operations in order to bolster growth and profits. When coupled with other business innovations, AI is becoming a revolutionary technology in the corporate space. Dynamics 365 AI apps are namely Customer Insights, Customer Service Insights, Market Insights, and D365 Sales Insights, all that brings rich addition to business intelligence. As times continue to evolve, so does Microsoft keep on advancing its AI products in order to keep up with the pace. For this reason, AI is expected to be the key to future transformation for any type of business.

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