Aprile 10, 2021

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

For a business to thrive, the owners must increase their revenues. This means getting the sales to a better point than they currently are. As such, you need to have the right insights to ensure your decision-making process is on point and as accurate as possible. In most businesses, an increased engagement with prospective clients means that you can make informed decisions on relationship building which will often lead to an uptick in sales.

To this end, Dynamics 365 Sales Insights comes in to ensure that leaders in the company can answer the most important questions and consequently make improvements to their whole approach as a business. With artificial intelligence embedded into the system, sales managers can now;

Coach effectively: by using productivity metrics, and data from seller engagement; they can now see which areas need work and take the necessary steps to amend them.

Leading proactively: Dynamics 365 Sales Insights help the management to better understand sales performance across deals and KPIs through interactive reports with better insights.

With the backing of the powerful Azure Active Directory, you can clearly see aggregated KPIs, visualizations and embedded insights often based on the team hierarchies. With the power to analyze emails, voice call recordings and even notes, Dynamics 365 Sales Insights can then provide answers to pressing questions supported by proper visualizations that make it a lot easier to understand the results.

Licensing Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

This incredibly powerful tool is rolled out as an add-on to Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise. You can get this product for $50 or £37.70+VAT per user / month. This will include the license and the Customer Engagement Plan which is crucial for new users and even those who are already familiar with the product.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Leads are usually the cornerstone to making more sales. Thus, a company must always be on the lookout for leads that can convert into opportunities it can leverage. Using machine learning, the system can create leads which have a likelihood of being turned into an opportunity. The system then classifies each opportunity according to the viability by grading it from A-D; A representing a lead that has the highest chance of being tuned into an opportunity. The user can fine tune the model by selecting or disabling signals that contribute to this rating in order to get better results over time.

Relationship Analytics 

To succeed, every sales team must keep an eye over their opportunities to make sure that everything is in outstanding health and if not, take the necessary measures for improvement. With relationship analytics, Dynamics 365 Sales Insights can show deals that need some attention. Here, the analytical values are obtained from a careful analysis of emails in the system, activities, people, companies and appointments. From this list view, the user can see KPIs, activity history, health scores, trends and current opportunities. From this information, the user can decide on the most appropriate actions to take.

Notes Analysis / Quick Actions

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights isn’t just for sales manager’s use. It’s an all-round tool that’s used by various members of the sales teams to help get better leads and achieve better sales. Using the unified interface, the system gives contextual prompts which recommend to the user the next best action to take according to the activity being carried out on the Dynamics 365 timeline. For instance, during a time when phone call summaries or meeting notes are being entered, the system might recommend a few things such as; scheduling a follow-up meeting to iron out some issues, creating a new contact record or even a reminder to do something.

Discovering connections

In the world of business, success is often determined by the type of network you build. More so when it comes to sales, having a proper network can make a lot of tasks involved to be much easier. With Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, you can tell which member of your organization is interacting with a particular prospect. This feature leverages the power of Microsoft Exchange to gain insight on the people who have communicated through emails or phone calls.

Summing up

For sales teams to be successful in the current world, they have to go the extra mile to realize their goals. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights makes the job simpler because it integrates Artificial intelligence to join the dots in areas it would be impossible for a human to see. This tool is quite effective as it gives sales teams and managers an upper hand on the competition. 

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