Aprile 10, 2021

Dynamic 365 Marketing

Improvements in the Dynamic 365 Marketing Release Wave 1 2020

When Microsoft birthed its Dynamics 365 umbrella in 2016, it was praised as the future of business applications. Dynamics 365 Marketing offers tools that businesses can use to gear marketing campaigns across various platforms. The app focuses on the automation of most marketing activities so that one can craft the right message for the right target audience. Microsoft listened to its customers who seek an experience that does not need technical assistance to perform fundamental tasks. With the 2020 release wave 1, Dynamic 365 Marketing will capitalize on simplification, adaptability, and personalization.

Marketers will be able to test email messages

With D365 Marketing, marketers can design personalized emails that have a rich aesthetic value as it is known to raise interest in prospects. If not done carefully, this creation could cause unnecessary challenges because every email client is unique in their own way. This is where previewing and thorough testing comes in. The new release will allow users to check for errors to correct them. Further, they will be able to thoroughly test emails that contain changing content on a sample contact record before sending them to both existing customers and prospects.

Improved event management

The D365 Marketing event management tools set it apart from other options. This is because modern marketing requires offering constant value to both existing and prospective customers. The new release will allow users to characterize dynamic segments quickly while factoring in their intuition. The registration process will be more concurrent, with event managers leveraging available forms to come up with event registration forms. These will further help event planners to build structures by use of drag and drop techniques. They can also use this enhancement to add more types of fields. Besides, marketers can lodge event registration forms into any relevant third-party content management system (CMS).

A better segment design and management

Just like many of the added features, the improved segment designer will allow users to leverage their intuition. It will contain drop-down lists to select fields, entities, interactions, and relations. Commonly used segments will be easier to come up with due to available templates. Also, marketers will be able to merge selected audiences with demographics and behavioral sections to make hybrid segments. The heights of the static portions have also been improved to hold many more members, with member management allowing choosing of members based on their history.

Compliance has been made easier

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and guidelines for accessibility have not been left out. There will be compounded opt-in confirmation messages which will consolidate different notifications and requests into a straightforward message. Marketers will not have to come up with their own report in order to view GDPR consent level changes. The D365 Marketing new release will also allow marketers to evaluate the accessibility of emails, pages, and forms as created on the content designer.

Microsoft Soft Pro to offer support for surveys

One of the main commitments of D365 Marketing is to allow marketers to come up with data-driven marketing strategies. The app contains survey parameters that marketers can leverage to publish surveys that can be integrated with emails, events, and customer journeys. This feedback is essential in streamlining all marketing campaigns. The new wave 1 release is replacing Voice of the Customer with Microsoft forms pro. With this new and productive capability, marketers will get even more exceptional findings that they can analyze. Marketers will also be able to automate responses in various ways, such as including them in the gauge for segmentation.

Marketers can export data to excel

Excel is quite the gem, with all the analysis features it offers. Microsoft wants users of D365 Marketing to be able to leverage its far-reaching capabilities. As such, the new release will allow marketers to easily export their results and insights into excel to be able to perform further analysis and plan accordingly.

Marketing is one of the most critical aspects of a business. Microsoft understands this, and that is why it continues to sophisticate Dynamics 365 Marketing by providing advanced tools. The 2020 wave 1 release will come with features that will enable better management, analysis, integration, and adaptability. All these functionalities will facilitate the success of users, all with less work to do.

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