Aprile 10, 2021

Dynamics 365 Human Resource

A Look into the Dynamics 365 Human Resource 2020 Release Wave 1

Conventional knowledge reveals that happy employees translate into successful businesses. Dynamics 365 Human Resource is a HR solution that develops a work environment where both individual workers and businesses flourish. Formerly known as Dynamics 365 Talent, Microsoft renamed the product to create an even better working environment for employees. The platform allows HR managers to obtain insights necessary to craft a data-driven employee experience across areas such as compensation, leaves, absence, and payroll integration. The D365 2020 release wave 1 will add more features such as enhanced benefit plan configuration, enhanced worker benefit inquiry, and leave calendar views.

Create leave rules that satisfy both company and regulatory policies

Flexible policies allow HR to adjust leave and absence constraints that satisfy the directions of the company as well as regional requirements. HR achieves more control in providing benefits when they add more ways to accumulate time off. This feature will allow workers to amass time off based on employment dates and Full-Time equivalent (FTE). It will also enable configurable accrual rounding, carry forward transfer, and users will be able to adjust leaves in line with holidays.

An enhanced worker benefit inquiry

D365 Human resource, since its inception, continues to offer an array of benefits elements available for set up. Formerly, all general benefits were all categorized for everyone to see, and this complicated the creation and the actualization processes. The new release solves this problem by leveraging a summarized and personalized view of all benefits related to a particular worker. The enhanced inquiry singly outlines all benefit plans that a worker qualifies for. It goes on to display all coverage options for which an employee is eligible. Finally, it will show both the history of events and upcoming developments. All these sophistications will give employees a more comfortable time as well as motivate them to be more productive.

An enhanced benefit plan configuration

Studies suggest that the most talented and unsatisfied workers are always on the lookout for better opportunities. For this reason, companies explore unique benefits opportunities to fetch the best talents as well as give them the incentive to stay. The new and improved model will support nested tiers and complex rate tables. HR will be able to create robust eligibility regulations easily as well as create new benefits packages and employee programs as they wish. This feature is geared towards leveraging the heights of employee benefits as a tool to motivate and retain employees.

Flex credit programs

Dynamics 365 Human Resource helps employers to use flex credit programs to enroll employees in benefits. Workers can choose how to allocate their credits by a preestablished array of flex credits. These excellent benefits grant workers a much-desired control over the way they want to spend their hard-earned benefits. The flex credit programs as per the wave 1 will facilitate the establishment of credit programs that are comprised of individual plans. It will also enable the proration definition of rules to support house purchasing, retirement, and other key life events.

Employees can buy and sell leaves

Microsoft has taken further steps to make sure that companies allow employees to enjoy the freedom they deserve. The company is availing a feature to formalize buying and selling of earned leaves. The feature will give dates when employees are allowed to trade their leaves, dynamic rates and limits for conducting this trade, and a section to review, approve or disapprove buy and sell requests. This functionality is essential as it will give workers better control over their leave benefits, strengthen working bonds, and also show mindfulness of their life outside the office.

Leave Calendar view

This feature will increase the efficiency of providing a leave calendar that displays who is in and who is out at a particular time. There will be a company calendar for review by HR, manager calendar to feature time-off information and an employee calendar that displays time-off information for a particular team whose members report to the same manager.

Microsoft has put a lot of effort to sophisticate the Dynamics 365 Human Resource. The D365 2020 Release wave 1 will see a lot of features added to the already existing ones. The main focus is giving employees more freedom and streamlining all benefits operations in a bid to keep employees happy. Later releases will feature more activations, such as allowing access and maintenance of HR data in Common Data Service.

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