Aprile 11, 2021

Dynamics 365 Sales

Improvements in the Dynamic 365 Sales Wave 1 2020 

As business environments change and shift rapidly, keen entrepreneurs must adapt and improve their digital assets accordingly. Microsoft remains at the forefront of fulfilling this demand by honoring their commitment to keeping their applications up-to-date. The company recently announced its release plan for the Dynamic 365 Wave 1 2020 that provides users with ample time to prepare for changes that will be implemented from April through to September 2020. When it comes to Sales, Microsoft is capitalizing on sophisticating workflows, simplifying the user experience, and enabling a newer and more robust mobile experience. All these are focused on enhancing productivity, boosting sales, making informed strategic decisions, and providing optimized mobile experience to ensure work can be done seamlessly from any location.  

An opportunity Kanban view 

With this improvement, Microsoft aims at increasing efficiency and making sure that users have an easier time. This enhancement lets you switch between the current grid and a new view to update stages by seamlessly dragging opportunities between them. As illustrated in the picture below, the latest addition aims at reducing unnecessary friction, making the app more comfortable to use, and saving time through easier switching.

Comprehend forecast with precision pipeline management In the business space, any projection or prediction can potentially contain a lot of information or even a profound ranking. Sometimes the forecasts and available opportunities can get incoherent. In such a case, sellers and sales managers need to discern the root values of the forecast so they can introduce changes that resolve the gaps and that are void of prejudice. With the new improvement, one can leverage a responsive predictive grid that has visual cues which enable the direct visual representation of the entire forecast hierarchy and each cell, making modification a fluid experience. Sellers will also be able to edit underlying opportunities for calculated metrics, thereby instantly modifying projections. As if not enough, they will also be able to utilize automatic recalculation of forecast values so that they always have substantially real-time data. 

A sophisticated experience for adding products

Dynamic 365 Sales contains customer details that feed into product procurement, pipeline management, and sales tracking. All these have to be appropriately managed so that to ensure seamless performance and actual increase in sales. To facilitate effective management, opportunities ought to reflect the interests of consumers. The new release will allow users to inspect products directly from the catalogue, view product details inline and compare them to make sound decisions. They will also be able to add multiple products at a go.

Manage activities with more ease

Sales management involves a lot of tasks that are done by many team members. If customer engagements and predictions are to be successful, then these tasks have to be done correctly. Coming up with new responsibilities, assigning them, and completing them is critically important. Activity management in the app enables a smooth and seamless way to manage and assign tasks while ensuring harmony and coordination. With the Dynamic 365 Sales wave 1 release, activities will be listed in an improved grid with a better interface to help manage and filter events. One will be able to add, edit, complete or delete an activity without the need to wander away from the main page. It will also let one leverage their intuition in updating assignments through the use the drag and drop pipeline management with Kanban board. Besides, there will be a calendar view to help capture a clear comprehension of daily tasks.

Save standardized PDF documents

Past releases of Dynamic 365 Sales enabled sellers to use quotes and other records to make and email standard PDF documents. Microsoft is further going to birth the ability to save the PDF directly in the app in the form of a note attachment or MS SharePoint.

Microsoft is dedicated to delivering new capabilities to help its customers realize better business results. The initial information released by the company about further improvements illustrates this commitment. The new Dynamic 365 Sales Wave 1 features sophisticated enhancements such as a new Kanban board and unique predictive forecasting experience. All these will enable organizations to improve accountability, processes and drive more success in their sales team. Business owners should be keen to ensure their setups are up to date with these releases to facilitate better performance.

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