Giugno 19, 2021

Release Notes for Field Service Version 7, Update Release 10

Applies to: Field Service for Dynamics 365 (version on Dynamics 365 9.0.x

We’re pleased to announce the latest update to the Field Service and Project Service Automation applications for Dynamics 365. This release includes improvements to quality, performance, and usability, and is based on your feedback and requests.

This release is compatible with Dynamics 365 9.0.x. To update to this release, visit the Admin Center for Dynamics 365 online, solutions page to install the update. For details, refer to How to Install, Update a Preferred Solution.

Field Service enhancements (v7.5.4.51)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Missing some localization labels.
  • Fixed: HasUserPrivilege and HasTeamPrivilege should always execute using SYSTEM user context.
  • Fixed: Update the default Lookup View of the Service field on the Work Order Service.
  • Fixed: Localize Incident Type field on form Incident.
  • Fixed: Improvements to solution deployment and upgrade process.
  • Fixed: FS admin does not have required privilege for performing “Find Availability” action on Schedule board.
  • Fixed: Script Error on Work Order form in UCI Web.
  • Fixed: ‘Create Work Order Product Journals’ workflow is failing with error ”msdyn_workorderproduct’ entity doesn’t contain attribute with Name = ‘msdyn_workorderproduct’.’


Jason Cohen
Senior Program Manager
Dynamics 365 Engineering


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