Aprile 10, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Goal

In Microsoft Dynamics 365, sales goal management is one of the most significant and effective features to improve your sales experience. This tool was introduced so that you can track your data, determine your business objective and set an accurate goal to achieve which will grow your business faster than ever. It is the best tool to decrease customer acquisition costs, improve client’s retention, decrease response time, increase revenue per sales rep and so on. To understand Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Goal and how it works, consider the following scenario:

As a sales manager, you need to set a goal for the upcoming sales to keep growing your business. For different organization and providers, this Goal can be different over the time. So, while you are setting up new goals for your sales team, your team is recording the data if your clients are paying for the services, and then, you are analyzing to see, if it meets up the goals. This whole process requires a lot of efforts and time.

On the other hand, if you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Goal Management feature, it will manage your goal in a smart way with less time and effort.


What do you need to know to set up your Goal on Dynamics 365?

You need these three things to use the complete Goal management feature:

  • Goal: It doesn’t matter whether it’s a revenue goal or a number of total paid invoices, it always gives you the actual figure.
  • Goal Metric: Goals are based on Goal Metric record because it’s a metric type of data or amount.
  • Rollup Field: Every Goal Metric has Rollup Fields which contains the actual and estimated data of goal.


How to create a Goal and add it in Goal Metric?

Create a new goal by clicking Sales>> Goals>> New Goal, then,

  • Enter the name of your Goal.
  • Write the name of the client you are willing to quantify in the Goal Owner Filed,
  • Select the Goal Metric that you already created for that specific consumer,
  • And, then in the target filed, enter the amount of targeted money that you fixed for that user.
  • Now, Save it.


Why should you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Goal?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales management can dramatically change your selling experience and assist you to set up your goals for the upcoming days. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Goal:

Ø  Tracks consumer’s activities which helps you to determine the goal you should come up with.

Ø  It updates the new information of the user as his new purchase, paid orders and always compares with the goals to alert your business meets the goal.

Ø  It tracks consumer’s sales information which helps you to determine their needs to make a scope of improvements to your services.

Ø  Sales aren’t continuous in every month. It increases or decreases randomly, it’s the nature of the business. So, predefine sales goal can help you determine how much you made or how much you need to make in the end.

So, Set sales goals and track performance to check your progress.

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